You will learn nothing

  • A Schady and students: Programme Director Fine Art, CSM

Brief description of session and activities

The session will take the form of an event workshop. There will be a performative element undertaken by Alex Schady, Rory MacBeth and a group of Stage 2 BA students. The performance will take place on stage (a marked out section of the space) and students and staff will playfully re-enact a conventional teaching session. The session will directly address and confront the audience although they will not be required to directly take part.

The precise structure of the work is yet to be finalized, however for examples of similar work please see - a project devised by Alex Schady with Tate Modern and a group of 30 primary school children.

This session will cross borders by disturbing expectations and transgressing assumptions about teaching, learning (and workshops).

How will students be involved in the session?

10 students from BA Fine Art will be involved, and will actively participate in the performance.

What will participants take away from the session?

The session aims to interrogate and playfully challenge established teaching models and asks the question: what is a teaching model?