Work of Art: Enterprise and Employability in Art and Design Teaching and Curricula

  • Cara Lee Roth: Educational Developer, Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE)

Brief description of session and activities

The poster presentation will be exploring approaches to partnership development of enterprise and employability within teaching and curricula, in order to define and articulate future pedagogic practices in this area. - Sharing approaches to partnership engagement in the design of enterprise and employability within teaching and curricula. - To articulate understandings of what worked, or did not work, and why. - Discuss complex issues or projects and how these were resolved to further enhance teaching and learning in this area.

The poster will showcase vignettes of industry and employer partnerships and how these are embedded as part of teaching and curricula: - Understanding and Defining Enterprise and Employability - The Student Journey: LCC BA Surface Design - Working with Industry: Wimbledon BA (Hons) Technical Arts and Special Effects - Collaborative Learning/ Cross Discipline Partnerships: LCC MA Graphic Moving Image

How will students be involved in the session?


What will participants take away from the session?

  • Understanding and practice of enterprise and employability in a creative curriculum
  • Inspirations on partnership and collaborative working to enhance teaching and learning

Literally… - A publication: WORK OF ART: Understanding Enterprise & Employability in Art & Design Higher Education - A publication created to support learning and teaching in enterprise and employability in art and design higher education.  We hope by sharing what enterprise and employability looks like in practice we can engage in discourse, develop an understanding across disciplines and use these aspirations to develop future strategies across UAL and within art and design practice.