Professional Mentoring as PPD

  • Geoffrey Makstutis: Course Leader, BA (Honours) Architecture: Spaces and Objects (BAASO), CSM

Brief description of session and activities

In 2012-13, BAASO piloted a new mentoring scheme with RIBA London. The CSM/RIBA London Student Mentoring Scheme brings together practicing architects with Stage 3 (final year) undergraduate students. Through the scheme students are introduced to issues of professional practice that are, typically, difficult to ‘teach.’ However, the demands of architecture, as a profession, require that students develop both specific and generic skills, in order to operate effectively within the profession. Through mentoring students are able to see the profession ‘from the inside’ with support of those at the forefront of professional practice.

This session will explore: - the process of setting up professional mentoring - defining the aims of the mentoring programme - supporting mentors and students - trials and tribulations

The session fits the crossing borders theme by discussing a curriculum innovation that exemplifies an approach to bridging the experiential ‘gap’ between studentship and employability.

How will students be involved in the session?

While students will not be involved in the delivery of the session, the student ‘voice’ will be introduced through selected student reflections and the outcomes of surveys.

What will participants take away from the session?

Participants will be encouraged to consider whether the introduction of mentoring will support their students in their professional development, and how such a programme may be developed for other subject areas.