Video making and video platforms as tool in education

  • Hana Janeckova: Video Tutor, LCC and London associate of
  • John Hill: Education officer, Flat Time House

Brief description of session and activities

Since it opened as a public institution in 2008, Flat Time House has run an education programme that puts it’s emphasis on how the unique space of the house, a gallery, museum, archive and residency space within the former home of the artist John Latham, can allow for unique learning experiences. The FTHo education team invites proposals from courses and student groups, encouraging ambitious and imaginative use of the space, and then supports groups through the process.

Artychoke TV is a digital new media platform established at the Academy of Visual Arts Prague in 2005. It has been recording art projects, exhibitions, artist profiles and video works and creating platforms for critical discourse in arts education as well as organising international partnerships across Europe. All the projects are accessible in the digital archive.

The collaboration between Flat Time House, UAL students and Artychoke TV resulted in an innovative use of Flat Time house and online platforms in the creative process. The education project invited UAL students to a group filmmaking day in Flat Time House which developed further through sharing online on Artychoke TV. The presentation will look in more detail at this project and the use of video platforms as a tool for collaborative learning in a real-world and professional environment.

How will students be involved in the session?

Discussion, question and answers during the presentation.

What will participants take away from the session?

This presentation will encourage students and academic staff to engage and propose collaborative projects at Flat Time House and apply suitable projects to their own interests within and outside university. It will show the importance of audiovisual records for learning and teaching.