Workshop in the Workshop

  • Katrine Hjelde: Assistant Lecturer BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design & FLAG Collective
  • Michaela Ross: FLAG Collective
  • Kiki Claxton: FLAG Collective
  • Mario D’Agostino: FLAG Collective
  • Hannah Clayden: FLAG Collective
  • Richard Elliot: FLAG Collective

Brief description of session and activities

Workshop in the Workshop is an exhibition/symposium event that will take place within the workshop, D block, Chelsea College of Art and Design, 17.01.14. Facilitated/initiated by Katrine Hjelde and FL∆G collective, a pedagogic art research group associated with Chelsea*, in collaboration with Richard Elliot, workshop co-ordinator, and workshop technicians.

For the UAL teaching and learning day FL∆G, (represented by Hannah Clayden, Kiki Claxton and Katrine Hjelde), would like to talk about the ideas behind this project through a presentation of our work, to set up a discussion around the potential in collaborative projects and initiatives between students and staff (academic, technicians and others), across levels, and between students, staff and alumni.

Workshop in the Workshop will include a exhibition social event/PV and a symposium, with exhibitors and speakers ranging from artists, academic, technicians, alumni and current students. The workshop will be explored as a physical and discursive site for engagement around the theme of skills and material knowledge in the contemporary art school in relation to current Fine Art pedagogy. Workshop in the Workshop’ is funded through UAL Student Enterprise and Employability (SEE) Curriculum Development Funding.

How will students be involved in the session?

Students involved in Workshop in Workshop will be invited to co-present the session.

What will participants take away from the session?

Participants will be encourages to consider the relationship between contemporary art and the activities of the art school in terms of practice and pedagogy. All participants including any not from a fine art background will see example of cross level collaboration in action- including collaboration between different kinds of staff, students and alumni, collaboration that extends to the presentation of the project.

* FLAG is a group formed at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2010, comprising of artists, students, former students, staff and researchers. We explore the relationship between art practices, art education, and pedagogy, looking at forms of knowledge production and dissemination in the art school and beyond.