Using Mobile Applications to enhance students engagement

  • Matteo Montecchi: Course Leader – BA(Hons) Fashion Management, School of Management and Science, LCF

Brief description of session and activities

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate how the Mobile application can be used to enhance students’ participation to lectures and seminars and to collect real time feedback on teaching sessions.

About Socrative Socrative is a students response system which enables tutors to set various tasks and activities in a virtual class environment. Students can then access this virtual environment by using their mobile phones, laptop computers, tablets and a variety of other devices. Examples of tasks that tutor can set with Socrative include:

  • Multiple-choice tests;
  • Open ended questions for quick answer;
  • End of session surveys (“exit tickets”);
  • Group activities and contests.

By entering the virtual room number via their personal devices (e.g. an iPhone), students can take part to the various activities and respond to the questions set by the tutor both in small groups or individually. The tutor receives answers in real time and is able to project them on the screen for further discussion. Answers can also be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis. All students’ contributions are anonymous. Students can however provide their name and contact details (i.e. UAL email address) if they want to be contacted by the tutor in relation to topics that they did not fully grasp.

How will students be involved in the session?


What will participants take away from the session?

  • How to use mobile phone applications as part of their teaching and learning strategies;
  • How to collect and analyse real time data on students engagement to specific teaching sessions;