Silke Lange

Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Enhancement, CSM

Silke Lange's Portrait

Making at the edges: borders as zones of enquiry

Crossing borders, collaborative practices, and disciplines are topics that inspire Silke and send her on intellectual adventures. During this session, she will invite delegates to join her on one of those journeys through ‘connecting the unconnected’, and meandering over the role of material thinking in collaborative learning across disciplines. Silke’s provocations and interventions are informed by her recent involvement in platforms and educational projects that provide models of interdisciplinary learning, teaching and research.

About Silke Lange

Silke Lange is an educator, researcher and artist. She is Associate Dean of Learning, Teaching and Enhancement at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK. She is an advocate for staff and students to co-create curricula and develop educational models that provide fora for students to explore collaborative working practices across disciplines within the arts, the creative industries, and beyond. This form of co-creation is one of her research interests, along with the creative process, collective learning, interdisciplinarity and learning environments. Over the past two years, Silke has also been involved in projects crossing European borders, including the European Academy of Participation. She received her Doctorate in Education from the Institute of Education, University College London, UK.

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