Beyond the Border : between teaching and learning

  • Lardinois Brigitte: Acting Director PARC, Photography and the Archive Research Centre, LCC,UAL
  • Pratap Rughani: Associate Dean of Research, Professor of Documentary Practices, LCC

How can a UAL research centre renew its relationship with teaching and learning to reach a broader mix of students? Director of the Photography and the Archive Research Centre (PARC), Brigitte Lardinois workshops ideas with Pratap Rughani (ADR) to develop new opportunities for staff and students to interact with and co-develop T&L events from emerging research insights. This workshop is coincides with the launch of PARC's new exhibition programme 'Beyond the Border' opening later in the day on March 17th, focused on Northern Ireland and emergence from The Troubles. Colleagues are invited to explore how these ideas work in practice.