In-between Academic and Technical Roles: Perception and Praxis

  • Lydia Davies: Media Support Technician, London College of Fashion / Media Department


This presentation will outline the study and findings from my research enquiry: In-between Academic and Technical Roles: Perception and Praxis.

Inspired by my observations on the workplace as a Technician and my pedagogic interest in artistic praxis, the enquiry explores Academics and Technicians perceptions of each other's roles and their relationships with one another, through a narrative inquiry approach. Its key aim is to ascertain if more work could be done in the space in-between the Academic and Technical roles, which the development of students' praxis might benefit from.

Looking at how Academic and Technical role capacities are diminished or enhanced in relation to their teaching disciplinary boundaries, this presentation will question divisions of theory and practice in teaching. By putting the spotlight on the way we teach through and across these roles, I hope the audience will be able to explore what this topic means to them personally and to their subject disciplines.

The presentation will include a selection of stories represented through short film clips, exemplifying some of the lived experiences of the staff interviewed. It will describe some of the suggestions that were drawn from the enquiry, leading to audience discussion about the study and experiences of/ perspectives on the topic.