Enhancing Experience, Improving Progression - The Work of the UAL Awarding Body

  • Sarah Atkinson: University of the Arts London Awarding Body
  • Nick Juba: University of the Arts London Awarding Body
  • Ross Anderson: University of the Arts London Awarding Body

Brief description of session and activities

This session will focus on initiatives by the University of the Arts London Awarding Body to ensure that colleagues in both Further and Higher Education play a greater part in the future of art and design education in the UK. In response to recent developments in education policy, funding and changes to the school curriculum, we face real challenges in ensuring that qualifications can continue to provide the richness and variety that should be part of the student experience of learning in art and design and that students are provided with the underpinning skills, knowledge and understanding they need to successfully progress.

University of the Arts London formed the UAL Awarding Body with the sole purpose of developing and validating high quality art and design courses for delivery in the further education and schools sectors. Since its inception the UAL Awarding Body has worked with schools and colleges to ensure that its courses enable the teaching and learning of art and design to be the main focus. Qualifications have been structured to allow teachers to teach with less emphasis on assessment and more on content and quality of delivery. UAL Awarding Body work closely with Centres throughout England monitoring quality, advising on delivery and sharing good practice.

UAL Awarding Body qualification development groups include representatives from educational institutions at both Further and Higher Education level, Sector Skills Councils, representatives from industry and practitioners. This expertise and experience drawn from across all sectors, combined with expertise in national education policy, has placed the awarding body in a unique position to respond to the needs of further and higher education institutions and campaign on their behalf.

This presentation will outline the UAL Awarding body position, current and future developments and present case studies and feedback from Centres working with UAL qualifications.

How will students be involved in the session?

Yes two of the winning students who travelled to India in September will be part of the presentation, plus student feedback and videos will also be included in the presentation

What will participants take away from the session?

  • To share practice and the value of engaging with partners for curriculum development
  • The opportunity to become involved with the development of new qualifications to ensure they are fit for purpose in providing the best educational content to support progression