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The interplay between teaching and research is a long-held dynamic of higher education, with the notion of 'research-informed teaching' serving as an umbrella term for multiple ways in which the two interact. More recently there has been formalization of the role that higher education plays in contributing to society via 'knowledge exchange', understood as the ways universities collaborate with non-academic partners to achieve commercial, environmental, cultural and social benefits.

This year's Learning and Teaching Conference will critically focus on the many approaches we take at UAL to promote connections between the three functions of teaching, research, and knowledge exchange to ensure that all our students get the most from their higher education. The conference call is for proposals and contributions which address the following questions under the broad themes of Teaching, Research and Knowledge Exchange:


  • How does creative practice feed into teaching?
  • How does pedagogic research or scholarship shape our teaching practice?


  • How do we encourage students to 'pick up and use' the outputs of research?
  • How can/do we develop students as researchers?

Knowledge Exchange

  • What does successful knowledge exchange look like?
  • What are the challenges of embedding enterprise and employability into a creative education?

Teaching, Research and Knowledge Exchange

  • Are there conflicts of interest or creative tensions between teaching, research and/or knowledge exchange?
  • How should we be preparing students for the future economies of teaching, research or knowledge exchange?

The Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange looks forward to welcoming you to this thoughtful and provocative UAL conference maximizing networking and interplay between Colleges this year, uniquely, by promoting internal UAL speakers for key notes and plenary sessions.