General Guidance for Attendees

This Conference is being run on Teams, which will have the look, feel and functionality of an ordinary Teams meeting. This is not Teams Live. You will be able to see other participants, communicate via chat and share your audio and video.

Themed Rooms

The conference parallel sessions will take place online across 4 themed rooms and a collective space which will host some of the keynotes and be a place to engage with organisers for access assistance and guidance. Detailed information about the rooms are listed on the Conference Themes page.

Please see the Conference Schedule for full information on the programme for each room. These have been colour coded for identification ease.

Accessing the rooms

The links to access these rooms will be available in two places immediately before and during the conference; Eventbrite and the Conference Website.

If you have signed up on Eventbrite you will receive links to the rooms via email., Links will be made available before the conference starts at 9:30 am on Monday 03 July on the schedule and the themes tab.

Access via teams:

If you are signed into your UAL account, access will be automatic, you can choose to continue through the desktop app or on a browser and you will bypass any lobby.

If you are not signed in, or you are external to UAL and do not have a network account, you will be directed to input your name and then be placed in a waiting room for a moderator or presenter to let you in. If you are having trouble getting in please email the conference for assistance.


  • We would like to encourage attendees to arrive promptly at the start of each parallel session, and stay in one parallel session at a time. This will minimise disruption for presenters and moderators. This may also aid discussion, because presenters may pool their discussion/Q+A time and discuss connections between papers. It may also reduce confusion for attendees because presenters may have decided to change the order of presentation by negotiation.

  • If you have a question please use the raise hand icon, a presenter or moderator will then invite you to speak if appropriate. You can also write a question in the chat.

  • During presentations, it is necessary to mute your microphone to reduce background nose and distractions and turn off your video to prioritise presenters. In larger sessions with more participants this will minimise disruption.

Notes on Audio and Video

Presenters will have the ability to mute attendees manually, this may be used to reduce background noise.

Attendees will not be able to share content or screens and Presenters will have a greater level of functionality. If you have direct engagement with presenters in Q&A’s you may be ‘spotlighted’, this means your screen will be pinned to the front and your audio will be prioritised.

We have decided not to record in general the Conference parallel sessions, due to:

  • The number of hours of material,

  • To encourage a safe space and a spirit of trust and openness in discussion and

  • To avert breaches of confidentiality and privacy in managing this complex event online.

We will record Keynotes.

Presenters can #request to record their own# individual presentation for their personal use, with the agreement of everyone in the room.

Content Sharing

Presentations will be largely shared from the screens of the presenters. We are encouraging presenters to share their slides (saved as a pdf) into the meeting chat by uploading the file so that anyone attending can download or open the slides themselves when in pdf format.

Please note: Presenters may choose not to share material depending on the pace and mode of communication they require in the session, and whether or not they wish to share their material at this stage.


There will be a moderator in the room. They will offer some ‘light touch’ hosting, manage timekeeping, introduce speakers if necessary or be on hand to get in touch with the meeting organiser for technical assistance.

Session Formats

There are expanded formats for presentation this year, with some sessions encouraging attendees to view content beforehand in ‘flipped sessions’ (which is available on the schedule - see the "i" icon next to presentation), some sessions are shorter ‘lightning talks’ with Q&A discussions and some are more engaged ‘workshops’. There are a mixture of these sessions across all themed rooms.

The session types and approximate runtimes are:

  • Workshop (45 minutes)
  • Paper (15 mins+ 10mins discussion)
  • Panel Discussion (45 mins)
  • Lightning talk (5 mins + 5mins discussion)
  • Conversation (10, 25, or 45 Minutes)
  • Other Format (Variable)


If you have any queries before, during or after the Conference, please contact This is being monitored by several team members and will be the quickest way to get your questions answered. 

Best wishes  UAL Exchange Education Conference Planning Team