Academic Support Online (ASO) - student learning and ecologies of teaching, research and knowledge exchange

  • Graham Barton: Academic Support Coordinator , ADS/LSS
  • Richard Parry: Digital Curator, Academic Support Online, ADS/LSS
  • Paul Thrippleton: Digital Developer (Academic Support Online), ADS / LSS
ASO is a University-wide platform offering students support, advice and guidance on ways to develop effective study and learning practices. Alongside a booking system for accessing face-to-face support, the platform offers a space for staff and students to share viewpoints and learning resources around topics that are common to many.

Given that learning is often troublesome or challenging, the resources on ASO are usually developed using an enquiry-led approach. With an increase in inter-, post- and transdisciplinary learning contexts, the challenges can often not be clearly formulated, requiring an enquiring stance to content creation.